3.9 Billion People are Internet users Globally, Know more About ZURITAP Extends Social Service to Customers

As of 2017, almost 3.9 billion where internet users, This accounts for more than a half of the global population. We bring to you ZURITAP which extends social service platform to professionals.

With 42% of Uganda’s population now connected to internet and a 37.9% internet penetration rate.

With this rate the world is easing service delivery every day, Most of this internet user so much do connectivity and access to services.

Today our reporter Hassan Bulesa talked to KIZITO ALLAN the IT Assistant Officer and Ambassador of the ZURITAP app, an application designed to extend social service to customers as well as providing a platform for professional service providers.


Below is the conversation that will make you understand more about ZURITAP.

Hassan: How are you Mr. Allan?

Allan: Am very fine Hassan, How are you?

Hassan: Tell me about ZURITAP

Allan: ZURITAP is an On demand service app that has been designed to provide a platform to the professional service providers.

Hassan: what is your mission and principles as a company?

Allan: Our Mission is to provide a safe platform for business owners to offer their services to a global market through our well thought out and designed app and our core principles are honesty, integrity and reliability.


Hassan: what kind of business do you deal with?

Allan: we are hiring professional service providers in different fields like, Plumbering, Electricians, Beauticians, Home cleaning ETC

Hassan: how does one register with ZURITAP to be a service provider?

Allan: Service providers download our ZuriTap PRO to register your service and set your availability or reach us on sale@zuritap.com or call us on 0393193959 or come to our offices in Ntinda, Najim Mall, 3 rd Floor Room CT. and a customer also download our ZuriTap app to book for a service provider to work on your home chores.

Hassan: what are some of the benefits to the service provider and or to the client?

Allan: ZuriTap offer service providers the right to set the price for the services they provide and a client to choose a provider of choice at a right price among a list of various service providers, Instant payment after job completion, ZuriTap can pay its service providers by cash, Mobile Money, and via Bank using visa card.

And after registration, we conduct trainings to our service providers and clients on how to use the app

Hassan: What are your areas of operations?

Allan: Areas of operations are Kampala and metropolitan, Mbale, Masaka and the hope to expand to all the country in the near future with success to ease services provision and make Ugandans earn extra incomes for the services they provide on demand

Hassan: How can one get the ZuriTap app?

Allan: ZURITAP is available on Google play store and iPhone app store and all service providers and clients can download it for free.

Hassan: okay, thanks so much Mr. Allan for your time and the innovation team.

Allan: Welcome Mr. Hassan and thank you too and The Scribe news management for such a wonderful opportunity to showcase our app and we are looking forward to serve Uganda.

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