It Was Only A Matter of Time: Isaac Ssamba, Mukono Philanthropist Joins Politics

Isaac Ssamba, the founder of the Mukono based popular non-government organization Ssamba Foundation has joined the political race putting to rest speculations.

The down to earth philanthropist and also Proprietor of SunTrack Adventures, a Mukono town-based travel company was nominated by the Electoral Commission yesterday (29th/Sept/2020) to vie for the Kyampisi Subcounty L.C. 5 Councillorship seat.

“It was only a matter of time, I have officially declared my interest in capturing the L.C.5 Kyampisi subcounty councilor seat in the next (2021) year’s elections. I want to win this seat on behalf of my people and I would like to develop Kyampisi and serve it in other capacities” – Ssamba told The Scribe News

“A councilor’s primary role is to represent their parish or subcounty and the people who live in it. An effective councilor provides a bridge between the community and the council. As well as being an advocate for your local residents and signposting them to the right people at the council, national level and outside countries, you will need to keep them informed about the issues that affect them” – boasted Ssamba.

Ssamba with Gen. Muntu recently
Isaac Ssamba (left) with Gen. Muntu recently

The Alliance for National Transformation candidate who proudly calls Gen. Mugisha Muntu (the party founder), his political father has a successful background in the nonprofit sector, education sector investments and tourism. He is an advocate for low cost quality education through establishment of community schools and clean water for rural communities and environment conservation. With this background he has confidence that the people of Kyampisi will trust him with their votes to represent them at the Mukono district council.

While addressing his enthusiastic supporters at his home in Kalagi town on Wednesday morning, Ssamba said, “In order to understand and represent local views and priorities, you need to build strong relationships and encourage local people to make their views known and engage with you and the council. Good communication and engagement is central to being an effective councilor, I have all the qualities”.

Ssamba said that the community leadership is at the heart of modern local government. Councils work in partnership with local communities and organizations – including the public, voluntary, community and private sectors – to develop a vision for their local area, working collaboratively to improve services and quality of life for citizens. Councilors have a lead role in this process, so anyone who can do this, deserves to be the leader of the people.

Other political parties like National Unity Platform and the ruling National Resistance Movement have also fronted candidates for the same seat.