Rev. Peter Bakaluba Mukasa asked to Quit Democratic Party and Join National Unity Platform Party

Rev. Peter Bakaluba Mukasa is in trouble as opposition supporters in Mukono district are demanding him to denounce Democratic Party and join National Unity Platform in order to support him.

Bakaluba who is contesting to become Mukono district chairman in coming general elections of 2021 he was endorsed by DP to be their candidate but currently pressure is mounting on him to make a quick decision to join NUP or else they will get someone to contest against him.


Some of the members who believe in NUP have gone ahead to print posters of Bakaluba in colors of NUP and started pining them in entire district of Mukono for free and asked him never again pin any posters of him with Democratic party colors.

When Bakaluba was contacted he said that for him is still a member of Democratic Party because its leadership welcomed him very well when he denounced NRM party.

He explains that though DP welcomed him as a party when he left NRM but he first became a member of People Power Pressure group and he still believe in its leadership.


However he admits that a number of voters in the district have approached him to join NUP and contest on its ticket instead of Democratic Party and he said that he has not made his decision of denouncing DP because he loves it and its still a strong a party in Mukono district.

Currently the Mukono district position still has three people who have shown interest to contest on it who are Andrew Ssenyonga NRM, Hajji Haruna Ssemakula NRM and Rev. Peter Bakaluba Mukasa of Democratic Party.

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