19th June is World Sickle Cell day; DO YOU KNOW YOUR GENOTYPE??

Two days ago, as i was winding up my day, getting ready to cover up myself to slope into the slumber land Suddenly it triggered, the monster checked in, I wonder why it chooses mostly to hit at night

It started as mild pain in the back, pulsing, nagging and uncomfortable but within just few minutes It had turned into sharp, piercing, excruciating and unbearable pain moving to knee joints, legs and suddenly to all joints in my tiny body

At this point, it was severe; I couldn’t even move my hand Rolled all over the bed, cried all my tears out, but nothing Pain was increasing every second, hitting harder in every joint, I called everyone who cared Asked for almost all kind of pain killers as if they don’t have overdose

Panic, stress, pressure, filled my roommate as we struggled to reach Mulago Kiruddu hospital during curfew hours where i received treatment.


However this isn’t the first time it has happened, This has been my life, this is how i have lived all my life Episodes of pain set in when i least expect and this will always be my life because am asicklier I suffer from sickle cell disease

I bet no parent would wish his /her child to live like this. With daily battles of extreme physical and emotional pain.

To all the future parents, Parenthood is fun with healthier babies you still have a chance to protect your unborn children Get tested and know your genotype Make informed choices Save the next generation

#19thJune World sickle cell day

By Nabulya Winnie


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