A Lecture to President Museveni About Robert Kyagulanyi a Musician

Last week I saw Mr. Museveni shamelessly telling artists/musicians that they’re not supposed to contest in any political office including the top office in land (Presidency).
I want to inform the President that every person with qualifications on this land he/she has a right to contest on any position of his/her qualifications and desires.
I didn’t come to lecture the President on who has a right but to express my disappointment, am so much disappointed by the body governing the artists in this country hereto referred as the body, how can you (the body) just relax when your entire community is attacked by the top office? Defending their fundamental rights is part of your duty.
Am so surprised and disappointed by you (The body), you may keep quite and think it’s not you this time round but it is you.
Please come out and break my disappointment.